The Sunday Times names Buxton and Stockport amongst best places to live in 2024

Buxton named in The Sunday Times Best Places to Live 2024

Buxton has been named one of The Sunday Times’ Best Places to Live in 2024. Making it into the top six places to live in the Midlands, Buxton has captivated the attention of judges with its unique charm and allure.

The team of judges, comprising experts from various fields, meticulously evaluated numerous factors to determine the top spots. From educational opportunities and local amenities to broadband speeds and transport links, every aspect contributing to the quality of life was carefully scrutinised.

Over the past year, the judges embarked on a comprehensive tour of the UK, traversing landscapes from the Scottish islands to the Kent coast, and exploring the vibrant cities and quaint villages in between. The resulting annual guide celebrates towns, cities, and villages that offer an exceptional living experience in 2024, this year’s list has a location to suit everyone.

© Buxton International Festival

According to The Sunday Times, Buxton presents itself with unmatched elegance and diversity. With a rich architectural heritage spanning Roman, Georgian, and Victorian eras, complemented by verdant parks, the town exudes timeless beauty. Its accessible location, just an hour’s drive from major cities like Manchester, Sheffield, and Macclesfield, ensures both self-sufficiency and connectivity, making it an ideal residential destination.

Highlighting Buxton’s cultural vibrancy, The Sunday Times singled out the Buxton International Festival as a standout feature. Additionally, the town’s flourishing independent shopping scene, like Beer District and Hargreaves, received praise. It was also nice to see often overlooked Higher Buxton given a worthy mention; the area has thrived in recent years now boasting an array of quirky shops, enticing eateries and interesting independent businesses.

A suprise winner in this years list year was nearby Stockport, chosen as the overall North West regional winner. “Look beyond the cranes and the disused Debenhams and this proud old town is fast becoming fashion-forward, funky and family-friendly. It’s also the only place in Britain where you’ll find a dedicated hat museum.” commented The Sunday Times. We’ll second that – Stockport has made quite a comeback in recent years with The Redrock complex featuring the brilliant ‘The Light’ cinema and the fab ‘Underbanks’ offering a glorious collection of independent distinctive businesses.

While North Berwick in Scotland clinched the title of the overall winner, Buxton’s inclusion among the top contenders underscores its status as a premier destination for those seeking a fulfilling lifestyle. As the annual list showcases a diverse array of locations, ranging from tranquil Welsh towns to bustling urban centers, it reaffirms the remarkable diversity and allure of communities across the UK.

Explore the full list of The Sunday Times Best Places to Live 2024 winners here.

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