18 Best things to do at home during lockdown

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you cant have fun! From the best Netflix documentaries to stream, visiting well known holiday destinations without leaving your arm chair, creativity, culture, music and a few random things we stumbled upon, and more. Here’s our pick of some of the best things to do at home during lockdown.

1. Virtual tour: The Vatican including the Sistine Chapel and Rafael Rooms 

If the Vatican is on your list of places to visit, here’s the next best thing – the virtual tours on their website are superb quality and you can see lots of detail and explore at your own pace. The iconic Rafael Rooms and Sistine Chapel are great to see in such detail and in full screen.


2. Watch cute Sea Otters, live at Monterey Bay Aquarium

Enjoy watching the gorgeous Sea Otters as they frolic and play and during their feeding times. Monterey Bay Aquarium is a leading marine life research facility, in particular sea otters and the rehabilitation of injured otters and stranded pups. If there’s no live stream on, there’s video content you still enjoy. You can also explore lots of the exhibits during your ‘visit’ – soothing and calming jelly fish, the Coral Reef, the Shark cam and the gorgeous Monterey Bay itself. Their Youtube channel has more content too.


3. Explore Singapore’s glorious Gardens by the Bay and Supertree Grove with Vloggers James and Hollie 

We came across Hollie and James and their YouTube channel – Barbster360, whilst looking for virtual tours of places of some of the best places in the world to visit. Singapore is a big favourite amongst travellers and the famous Gardens By The Bay and Supertree Grove look spectacular and Hollie and James do a great job of taking us with them on their visit. During 2018 they travelled across 11 countries, captured on their YouTube channel – this is definitely worth a look.

4. Make chocolate brownies with Jamie Oliver

Brownies, Boston Brownies, Dessert, Sweet Dish

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate brownie? Jamie Oliver takes you through step by step, you can’t go wrong, the recipe is really simple. Watch the Youtube video here. If you want to get creative, there’s a whole load of other different brownie recipes including gluten free brownies, here.


5. Printable colouring pages from Crayola

We love these printable colouring pages from Crayola. The designs are varied and intricate and can make a great little art project, especially if you’re not confident starting a drawing from scratch. You can download all of them to print.


6. Make your favourite cocktails, from your favourite movies

So you can’t go out, no problem. if you’ve ever wondered exactly how to make that perfect cocktail you always order on a night out, here’s your chance. Even better, cocktails from lots of our best loved, classic movies, from all eras; Cocktails of the Movies – An Illustrated Guide to Cinematic Mixology is a brilliant little book, (for sale on Amazon) for movie buffs and cocktail lovers alike, celebrating classic characters and the cocktails / drinks which make an appearance in the film. Each film features easy to follow recipes and you don’t necessarily need any fancy kit (although there are some great recommendations). The book is beautifully illustrated and includes fascinating facts from each movie too. So, pencil in an evening and pretend you’ve gone back in time to 1988 and you’ll soon be as good Tom Cruise.

Buy the book here: amazon.co.uk/Cocktails-Movies-Illustrated-Cinematic-Mixology

7. Stare at abandoned tourist spots by webcam 

Brooklyn Bridge during golden hour

Visit your favourite places, all in the comfort of your arm chair. There’s no crowds and these places look very different now. Madrid, Rome, Florida, Maldives and more. This website has absolutely loads to look at: skylinewebcams.com

8. Learn to dance with Oti Mabuse

Who doesn’t love Oti from Strictly Come Dancing? Well she’s back for some Lockdown 3.0 dancing at home on her YouTube channel! As a professional dancer with many years experience, Oti brings us some of the her favourite moves to keep those muscles going as well as some general dance moves – aimed at all the family too, for grown ups and kids. Oti mixes things up and it’s great fun! Go to her Youtube channel where you can find everything:


9. Watch a thought-provoking documentary on Netflix

Netflix has become the place to go for wilder, thought-provoking documentaries; with Making a Murderer becoming an overnight global talking point, many were to follow. But which ones have you seen and which ones are worth watching? Old and new, there’s some great stuff to watch. The latest big hit is The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, another true crime series with a hotel at the heart of the mystery with a dark past. Making a Murderer – with an armchair detective slant, there’s hours and hours to keep you going as it follows the Steven Avery case. The unmissable American Murder: The Family Next Door – if you haven’t seen this, do; expertly executed with real body cam footage and the series was the talk of Netflix a few months ago. Tiger King was one of the the most watched shows on Netflix in 2020 and is completely addictive – there’s no point in trying to describe this but one episode in and we were hooked. Amanda Knox was compelling viewing – a few years old now, check it out if you missed that first time round. The Great Hack takes an in depth and intriguing look at the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Casting JonBenet, is a documentary film about the worlds most famous child-murder case and the legacy it left behind.

10. Do a drag aerobics class online

woman in black and white floral dress standing beside green leaves

Just because you’re stuck indoors doesn’t mean you can’t still get active and keep the fitness levels up. Plus, if you decide to lie down on the floor half way through, no one will ever know. Drag Aerobics with Dolly Trolley is spandex-fest with a nod to 80s aerobics videos. The sessions are continue to be every Wednesday online via Zoom – check out the Facebook page for more.

11.  Virtual theme park rides – Star Wars, The Walking Dead, Jurassic World…and roller coasters galore

There’s a plethora of great quality, 4K videos on YouTube of some of the best theme park rides and roller coasters in the world – so have fun from the comfort of your sofa! A few we quite liked – Star Wars Rise of the Resistance a trackless ride and the sets looks amazing. The Walking Dead is a must for TWD die hard fans and we quite liked the Jurassic World ride at Universal Studios. Of course your regular crazy roller coasters can be fun watch at home too and have a surprisingly realistic effect…

12. Take a virtual tour of the best museums in the world

Some of the best museums in the world are available to explore online. The British Museum have adapted their website to feature some great interactive content. If you’re an Andy Warhol fan, the exhibition at Tate Modern (which would have been open now), is on YouTube here. If you’re a science and natural history fan, the virtual tour of the American Museum of Natural History (in New York) is fun. Equally, closer to home our National History Museum in London have adapted their website with some brilliant content and you can explore different collections, watch live YouTube sessions with scientists and take yourself on a virtual tour of this lovely museum.

13. Online cooking classes with Delia Smith

Food, Salad, Raw, Carrots, Sliced And Diced

Whats great about this website is the huge number of videos and there’s lots of classic well known dishes – as well as videos on techniques, such as preparing garlic, choosing the right pans, how to separate eggs and more. The cake section is really good featuring all time favourites. The entire website is a great resource and well put together and easy to follow, so, if you’re thinking about becoming a home baker, now’s the time!


14. Do an online Clubbercise or Zumba class with Accidental Fitness Buxton

Clubbercise & Zumba with Accidental Fitness Buxton

If you’re an avid regular to Clubbercise or Zumba, or, you’ve always fancied trying it, alas you can now join in the fun with their live streamed classes every week, with the team from Accidental Fitness Buxton. For £3.50 per household it’s brilliant value too. Find out more: explorebuxton.co.uk/clubbercise-zumba-with-accidental-fitness-buxton

15. Take an online photography course

Camera, Photography, Photograph, Dslr, Slr Camera, Slr

Get into photography during lockdown. There’s a whole range of resources online to look at for free. Canon Live is a good website full of great content and features live Facebook events to attend. Fuji also have their Stay at Home with FIJIFILM with tips, exercises and techniques for you to try out.

16. Sing along with strangers in a virtual choir online

group of person singing on dark ara

If the videos of cities in lockdown coming together to sing on their balconies left you with a lump in your throat, here’s your chance to add your vocal cords to one of several online choirs popping up around the world. The Sofa Singers is a free online singing event that aims to ‘bring people together from around the world to spark joy and human connection’.

17. Catch a set by a top DJ

person playing on controller

Legendary New York DJ David Morales is still doing his Sunday Mass event every week, live on Facebook, and if you like that kind of thing, it’s really rather good. Closer to home, the House Proud Radio Show is currently streaming regularly on Twitch.

18. Virtual zoo day at Chester Zoo

Giraffe, Wild Animal, Stains, Long Jibe, Animals

Chester Zoo’s Virtual Zoo Days have a now become a firm favourite in lockdown. We’ve had Asian cute otters, adorable tree kangaroos, penguins, Asiatic lions 🦁, Komodo dragons, Sulawesi macaques, elephants, reptiles and more. They stream live from both their Facebook page and their YouTube channel. We love it, it’s brilliant fun for adults and kids alike!

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