Dragonfly Photography Studio

Dragonfly Photography Studio, 52 High Street, Buxton, SK17 6HP

T: 07498 351781

E: [email protected]


Opening times: Thursday – Saturday 10am – 5pm


With a portfolio that spans families, pets, studio portraits, outdoor shoots, babies, business headshots, and events, Dragonfly Photography Studio is the go-to place for preserving cherished memories in Buxton and the High Peak.

A Passion for Portraits

At the heart of Dragonfly Photography is a profound love for portraiture. They understand that every family, individual, pet, and moment is unique. They take pride in not just capturing images but creating timeless memories that families and businesses can cherish for generations.

The Versatility of Dragonfly Photography

One of the distinctive aspects of Dragonfly Photography is its versatility. Whether you’re looking for a heartwarming family portrait, a dynamic headshot for your business profile, or a candid shot of your fur baby, Dragonfly has you covered. They offer the following specialised services:

1. Family Portraits: Dragonfly Photography excels at capturing the unspoken connections between family members. making every family portrait a work of warmth and love.

2. Pet Portraits: Our pets are family, and Dragonfly acknowledges this. They know how to bring out the personality of your pets in their portraits, resulting in images that you’ll treasure forever.

3. Studio and Outdoor Portraits: Whether you prefer the controlled environment of a studio or the beauty of the great outdoors, Dragonfly Photography can create stunning portraits in any setting. They use their expert knowledge of lighting, angles, and backgrounds to make every shot memorable.

4. Baby Portraits: Welcoming a new member into your family is a precious moment, and Dragonfly Photography knows just how to capture it. Their photographers excel at creating delicate and endearing baby portraits that will melt your heart.

5. Business Headshots: In a corporate world dominated by digital profiles, a professional headshot is invaluable. Dragonfly Photography’s business headshots are not just images; they’re a representation of your professional identity.

6. Event Photography: Be it a corporate gathering, a wedding, a milestone birthday, or any other event, Dragonfly Photography can capture the essence of the day. Their event photography narrates stories in images, allowing you to relive your special moments.

The Limited-Time Special Offer Photoshoot

In addition to their exceptional services, Dragonfly Photography is currently running a special offer that’s too good to pass up. For just £95, you can get 10 high-quality digital images from your photoshoot. This offer is a fantastic opportunity to preserve your favourite moments without breaking the bank. It’s a gift to yourself and your loved ones that will last a lifetime.

Gift Vouchers – The Perfect Present

Searching for the ideal gift for a friend or family member who treasures their memories? Dragonfly Photography offers gift vouchers that can be used for any of their services. This thoughtful gift allows your loved ones to capture their special moments and preserve them forever. It’s the gift of memories, and it’s a gesture that won’t be forgotten.

Why Choose Dragonfly Photography?

In the world of photography, choosing the right service provider is crucial. Dragonfly Photography stands out for several reasons:

  • Experience: With years of experience in the industry, Dragonfly Photography brings professionalism and expertise to every photoshoot.
  • Passion: Dragonfly Photography are passionate about their craft, ensuring that every image is a work of art.
  • Versatility: From intimate family moments to corporate events, Dragonfly Photography can cater to all your photography needs.
  • Affordability: The current special offer of 10 digital images for £95 makes high-quality photography accessible to everyone.
  • Gift Vouchers: The availability of gift vouchers means you can give the gift of memories to your loved ones.

Dragonfly Photography is a name synonymous with capturing memories and telling stories through images. Their special offer and gift vouchers make them the perfect choice for anyone looking to immortalise moments and create cherished memories. In a world that’s always moving forward, Dragonfly Photography ensures that your past remains beautifully preserved in photographs.

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