Our Pick of 11 Local & Peak District Gins You’ll Love

Peak District Gins

Gin’s popularity doesn’t seem to be waning. There’s barely a bar in town that’s yet to embrace the craze for the juniper spirit, and it’s thanks in part to a whole host of clever crafters bringing gin-distilling right on our doorstep. So to help make your next G&T as good as it can be, here’s our pick of some the best gins the in Peak District and local area gins you’ll love – with a range of flavours, from classic drys to quirky floral versions…

Buxton has it’s very own gin emporium in the way of Beer District where they sell a wide range of artisan spirits (as well as craft beers, soft drinks, posh snacks and local coffee from Buxton Roastery). So you’re likely to be able to buy some of the those listed here at Beer District.

Get in touch if you’ve spotted any other Peak District gins or a local gin that’s that worthy of a mention here…

1. Shining Cliff Gin

Produced by White Peak Distillery, their signature Shining Cliff Floral Gin, made from 13 botanicals, takes inspiration from the woodland of Shining Cliff – where the distillery is based. “We sought a style of gin that reflects this beautiful location, and the woodland and hedgerows we pass every day”. Vapour distilled, this is a smooth, dry gin that really focuses on the floral flavours. The range also includes Citrus, Bakewell Pud and Spiced gin which look delicious. The bottle is really nice and the price is really reasonable too.


2. Forest Gin

Gaining quite a reputation both locally and nationally, Forest Gin is quite simply one of the best gins you’ll try. Produced by The Forest Distillery in Macclesfield Forest in a 17th century barn, the flavour is zingy and fresh and includes coriander seeds, vanilla, liquorice root, angelica and of course juniper. It’s nothing short of delicious. There’s now an Earl Grey Forest Gin too. The bottle design itself is also part of the story featuring a distinctive paper cut design by Suzy Taylor and the bottles are made from Staffordshire Porcelain.  Forest Whisky by the way is the distillery’s most recent addition and again the bottle features a lovely papercut design by artist Georgia Low.


3. Chesterfield Pomegranate Gin

Derbyshire Distillery create four gins including Chesterfield Dry Gin, Chesterfield Lemon Sherbert, Derbyshire Dry Gin – The Master Blend and Chesterfield Pomegranate. The pomegranate gin is seriously fruity and alongside the usual juniper there’s also botanical flavours such as coriander, angelica, orris root and cassia bark. As the first commercial distillery in Chesterfield, they aim to “produce fantastic gins, vodkas and liqueurs using the best local and international ingredients and fresh, cool Derbyshire water”.


4. Cloud View Gin

A small batch, premium gin produced in Congelton, in part inspired by The Congelton Cloud and the surrounding area. They use the usual botanicals such as juniper, coriander and angelica root but add in blackberries and rosemary to give the gin a slight twist to its flavour. A refreshing gin, perfect for summer. The bottle is rather nice too.


5. Bakewell Gin

Bakewell Gin is an aromatic craft gin distilled at a tiny family-run distillery in the peak district, made in a small copper pot still using traditional methods and infused with just six botanicals.  This is a fab small-batch gin with classic notes of juniper alongside, cubeb, cardamom, sweet gale, hibiscus flowers and of course cherry and almond – linking the gin to the Bakewell tart flavours. It’s not for everyone with it’s distinctive flavour but those who like it love it.

The suggested serve is with 1724 tonic water and a slice of lime, but it also works well with a tart lemonade and cherry! We couldnt find a website or Facebook page but this gin is available in various places online including Amazon and mygin.

6. Wild Spirt Gin by Manchester Gin

Now a well known gin in many bars in the North West as well nationally, Manchester Gin have established a range of gins that have become hugely popular – because they’re really very good gins. There’s four gins in the range and having tried all four at a gin tasting at Beer District in Buxton recently, we loved them all but took a real liking to Wild Spirit, as they describe as, “a creamy savoury gin with complex herbaceous notes that were inspired by walks through the woodlands of Manchester”. Definitely one for the cocktail cabinet and a reliable gin to serve to guests, or, just to enjoy all to yourself.


7. Peaky’s Distillery Derbyshire Dry Gin

The alcohol for the gin is made by an eight day fermentation process and the flavours include “tropical floral, citrus with a active Juniper burst”. Created in Glossop in the Peak District and sold locally in selected shops and they also deliver locally too.


8. Derwent Gin

Taking its name from the river Derwent, this gin is ‘oak cask infused’ and handmade in small batches using a traditional Portuguese copper alembic pot still.

With high juniper content, these gins are produced are hand-crafted on the Chatsworth estate in the Peak District National Park. With three variants, the gins are sold through local suppliers online such as Sauced Here and exclusively at local tasting events in the area.


9. The Cheshire Gin Company – Scillian Lemoncello Gin Liqueur

Part of The Cheshire Cheese Company – who we see regularly across the area and the Peak District with their delicious cheeses, they bring us a range of gins. Handmade in small batches using only natural flavourings, they use zested lemons and steep them with sugar and then blend the liqueur with their finest gin. Produced using Buxton Spring Water the result is a subtle yet wonderful homage to the Italian Limoncello drink. The natural yellow colour of this gin liqueur makes an attractive addition as a cocktail with tonic over ice or even served its own in chilled glasses as they do in Italy. Their serving suggestion is “try adding Scillian Lemoncello Gin Liqueur to Prosecco or Champagne to create a delectable Lemon Gin Cocktail fizz”.


10. Paper Mill Distillery – Chai

Based in Cheddleton, Staffordshire, their Chai gin has been crafted with classic botanicals and further enhanced with a blend of Indian black tea, cracked black peppercorns, aromatic ginger and pink rose petals. If you fancy a gin that’s a bit different, this one could be for you. The bottle design is lovely too, in copper / rose gold and white, with their logo linking the distillery roots being based on an old paper mill site. A great gift for any gin lover.


11. Flower House Gin

Based in Macclesfield and created in the summer 0f 2018 by two florists who also work in the town, this Strawberry and Rose gin is distilled in the traditional way bringing together the expertise of independent florists The Flower House. Their passion for all things floral really shines though looking at their Facebook page as well as the very pretty bottle design. Available in various bars and pubs across Cheshire and Macclesfield including RedWillow, this fairly new gin looks likely to pop up more and more.


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