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The Buxton Spa Mysteries

Welcome to our first blog post and more importantly welcome to Explore Buxton. The launch of our website has been a long time coming but finally we’re here and we want you to enjoy our website which we think showcases all the amazing things happening right now in Buxton.  We wanted to give you (whether that be residents or visitors) a website that not only looked good but was easy to use and that was able to incorporate both listings for businesses and the vast array of events happening here in Buxton. We’ve taken time over the website simply because there are so many things to shout about here in our lovely little spa town, and well, it’s time we shouted about it, right?  Buxton has transformed in recent years and we all know it’s an established hot-bed for the arts and theatre but the latter years have seen dramatic change with new, contemporary lounge bars and eateries opening, the growth and revival of Higher Buxton with a somewhat indie and eclectic feel and of course the news many of us have longed for that The Crescent development is finally due to open as a 5-star luxury hotel and spa in 2016.  Whether your a student looking for something cheap and fun to do or you want a day out with your family, or, you just want to chill with an ice-cream feeding the ducks, we hope you’ll find something for everyone here at Explore Buxton, that’s the idea anyway.  We’d love to hear from you with your feedback and if there is an event you want listed (and that can be absolutely anything!), get in touch and we’ll get right on it, enjoy…

Jen, Founder, Explore Buxton Derbyshire 





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