14 Things That You’ll Only Get If You’re From Buxton

Things to do at Christmas in Buxton

1) If you’re over 40, you may well have asked someone back in the 80’s and early 90’s whether they were ‘bagging it’; the Gaslight nightclub was the thee place to be (actually the only place to go) at weekend, affectionately known as the Gasbag, or just simply ‘the Bag’ – hence that question we’d all ask each other in the corridor of the Eagle pub after 10pm, every Saturday evening.

2) Being fine about driving 25 minutes, 12 miles and across the treaturous ‘Cat & Fiddle’ road, just to get a Macdonalds.

3) There’s always someone in the local paper – i.e Buxton Advertiser, that you know, reallllllly well.

4) Knowing you must leave the Market Place by (absolutely no later than) 6pm on Carnival Day.

5) Being around people that know where Buxton is, and no, its not anywhere near blinking Derby!

6) Not battering an eyelid during the annual Carnival when a group of men dressed up as a female majorette troupe dance their way through the streets of Buxton (unlike visitors who just seem totally confused).

7) The arrival of a sudden flurry of a foot of snow in March to us Buxtonians doesn’t herald the arrival of the four horsemen of the apocalypse (unlike our southern counterparts). We merely laugh, shrug our shoulders and just, well, get on with life as its always been (and go sledging on the Slopes, quick before it melts!).

8) When someone mentions – ‘the Crescent’ to anyone over the age of about 50, anyone younger needs to try desperately to convince them its actually happening – and they’ve got to try realllllly hard. (actually it really is and opens in June 2018 as a luxury 5* star hotel, yes, really!)

9) Living in Buxton for years but never actually having stepped foot in Buxton Museum (you should, because there’s a new brand new gallery coming in Spring 2017 and it’s going to be amazing.)

10) When Pandora opened in Buxton, you couldn’t quite believe it…in fact when any big chain opens in town, it causes quite a stir  – and many of us wish that rumours about Macdonalds opening here might one day actually come true…

11) When the thermometer in the garden hits a mere 18c and the sun is shining and we all start jumping up and down with joy and posting about it on Facebook – its a heatwave! (well, ok not really but it is for Buxton.)

12) And when it throws it down relentlessly in the middle of August and and you’re all dressed up at you’re mates wedding – we don’t complain but us Buxtonians embrace it, drink more, laugh even harder and enjoy huddling together like penguins in the smoking shelter with people we just love.

13) Being able to see the stars at night…and maybe wishing one of those stars that one day you’ll leave – but being abolutely terrified that you might never make it out….

14) But knowing in your heart – whether you stay, or go, that Buxton helped make who you are today 🙂

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