Weekly good news round-up and things to cheer us up

Weekly good news round-up

In a world that’s changed so rapidly in recent weeks, we’re all finding this new way of life strange, disconcerting and and scary. But as we’ve started to see everywhere, there’s lots of goodness happening too. Here’s our weekly good news round-up and things to cheer us up to lift the spirits 💪

We also want to flag up all the positive ways that our readers are finding to deal with the crisis, from good deeds to witty photographs. Please email [email protected] with any contributions.

1. The ‘Blitz’ spirit continues

750,000 have now applied to the volunteer call out by the government this week. Health Secretary Matt Hancock asked for 250,000 volunteers to help the NHS in what could be its most challenging time in its history. Over 750,000 have now applied, more than doubling the governments target. The helpers are needed for delivering food and medicines, driving patients to appointments and phoning the isolated. The scheme is one of a number aimed at relieving pressure on the NHS. You can apply here.

2. NHS Nightingale Hospital has officially opened at the Excel centre in London.

The 4,000-bed hospital, which was built with the assistance of the Army, will help reduce pressure on existing services amid the coronavirus pandemic.

3. The NHS has enlisted easyjet and Virgin Atlantic staff who are currently out of work

They’ll help with non-clinical support in the new Nightingale hospital.

4. Formula One makes breathing aids for NHS

On Monday, it was announced that University College London and Mercedes F1 have made a breathing aid for Coronavirus patients which transports oxygen to the lungs reducing the need for a ventilator.

According to the BBC, this device was created in less than a week and 40 of them have already been delivered to several London hospitals.

Other companies including Rolls Royce, BAE systems and Ford have pledged to produce ventilators for the NHS.

5. Food parcels started being delivered by government to clinically vulnerable across England

The first food boxes have been delivered to those vulnerable people being shielded from coronavirus as the Government moved to support those most in need with the boxes containing essential supplies such as pasta, fruit, tinned goods and biscuits.

6. Clap for our carers – set to become weekly event

People across the UK came together last week week for a national applause of thanks for our health workers helping in the fight against the virus. Lot’s of streets and roads across Buxton took part, we heard you! And they’re set to make it a regular thing as millions across the country once again will take to their front doors and clap for our NHS and health care worker hero’s.  The Dutch yoga teacher who started the campaign has called for the clapping to happen every week throughout the coronavirus crisis. Follow the Clap for Our Carers campaign on their website.

7. Cheshire residents take part in socially distant dancing every day

Residents in a street in Cheshire are showing off their ‘socially distant dance’ moves every morning! The daily dance is at 11am every morning, giving residents something to look forward to.

8. The #viralkindness printable postcard that went…viral

Becky Wass from Cornwall came up with the initiative as the Coronavirus outbreak grew, earlier this month. As ‘self-isolation’ became a familiar term, Becky posted the printable postcard on her Facebook on 12th March – “I’ve been feeling pretty helpless watching the news. Maybe you have too? I wanted to do something about it, so I’ve made a postcard that I’ll be posting to my older neighbours as this progresses”. The post was shared more than 9,000 times and many of the Covid-19 Mutal Aid groups that have popped up nationally are now using the card in their area. Join the Buxton group here.

9. Children around the world paint rainbows for their windows to raise the spirits of passers-by

The trend has become popular in the UK since schools closed to spread cheer and keep up morale during the outbreak. Keep ’em coming folks…

10. BP will give ambulances and emergency service vehicles free petrol the crisis

For NHS frontline staff staying home during the Coronavirus crisis is not an option and fuel giant BP are offering their support by giving free fuel the UK’s emergency services vehicles during the current crisis.

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