Spotlight on Buxton Bands: Matt Taylor of Fuzzy Felt World

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This time around, we caught up with Matt Taylor of local legendary band Fuzzy Felt World, who regularly play across venues in both Buxton and High Peak, and, a first for the band –  they will be hosting the ‘Folk Train’ at this years Big Session Folk Festival.

The Big Session 4 day event at Buxton Opera House and Pavilion Arts Centre will once again feature the cream of English folk music and festival goers can enjoy the Pavilion Drinks Emporium with over 30 barrels of ale, a ‘gin garden’, wines and spirits.

Fuzzy Felt World guitar duo Matt Taylor and ‘Badger’ (as his is affectionately known) met busking at Buxton’s Spring Gardens in 2011. Fast forward to 2017 and they are firm favourites on Buxton’s music scene, dubbed the ‘human juke box’ due to their vast repertoire of over 1000 songs. Giving a warm Buxton welcome, Fuzzy Felt World, joined by Isaac Neilson on percussion will entertain passengers travelling by train to the Big Session Festival, boarding the Saturday (29th April) 11.49am Manchester Piccadilly to Buxton. The trio have cherry-picked a collection of songs from the folk revivalist movement of the 60s and 70s, such as Bob Dylan and Crosby Stills & Nash.

Onto more about the band – here’s what Matt told us when we pestered him for a quick interview:

1 .How did Fuzzy Felt World come about?

We met busking in Spring Gardens in 2011. After a few weeks of very successful busking, we decided to move into the gig circuit and since then we have gone from strength to strength.

2. What kind of repertoire do you play

We play anything and everything. So much so, a big majority of our show is based on audience requests. We have things like Bob Dylan, Beatles, Kings of Leon, Paolo Nutini, Take That, James, Oasis, Queen, Ska, Disco, Rock ’n’ Roll, Soul. The list goes on.

3. I’ve heard you know over a 1000 songs – how do you remember them all?

I have no idea. I find you have to not think about what comes next in order to remember. When you start thinking about what the next is, is when it won’t come. Its the same as you always remember how get out of bed and walk, but you have no idea why you remember it.

4. Have you had any strange requests i.e: strange songs or parties in strange locations?

The strangest thing we’ve experienced at a gig is being the backing music for a 80 person bar brawl.

5. Where do you play in Buxton?

We play everywhere in Buxton. Regularly too. We’re at The Eagle & The Cheshire Cheese once a month as well as other places as and when.

6. What do you do when you are not performing?

Shopping, putting the bins out, eating normal stuff really. We’re all also involved in the local record label and recording studio MST SOUNDS. Recording bands, booking shows, promo for bands, pushing releases. If we’re not in one side of music, we’re in another.

7. Do you have any local fans that come to every gig?

We’re dead lucky to have team of people who turn up to every gig, even if we have 3 in a weekend! However there is one guy who has been following us from the very start – even when we were busking! He’s sort of now our unofficial photographer.

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