Buxton Opera House pantomime 2016

Review: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs | Buxton Opera House

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The Buxton Panto is nonstop enjoyment from start to finish, with loads of laughs, lovable characters, superb sets and fabulous costumes, this is a real family Panto appealing to everyone. There are lots of great things for children in the foyer for sale from the helpful volunteer staff such as light up swords and wands.

Lucy Dixon as Snow White was lovely, she sang and danced and captured the hearts of the audience. Brad Veitch as handsome Prince Tristan swept Snow White off her feet, despite the wicked Queen Belladonna played by Anna Stolli who gave a terrific performance and the audience booed and hissed at her with gusto! Children and adults alike in the audience loved Matthew Jay Ryan as Muddles, his fun and interaction with the audience was excellent.


My own favourite was James Holmes as Dame Brenda Bakewell who was hilarious with fast funny gags, many very comical costume changes and much interaction with the audience. Good old slapstick.

The children loved Snivel the wicked Queen’s servant played by Christopher Laishley, especially his nose picking and snivelling! Zoe Littleton as Flora, Spirit of the Peaks was very sweet and played at Buxton panto last year. The seven dwarfs and the young supporting dancers were really great. Their ballet scene created a magical winterland on stage.


Don’t miss this marvellous Pantomime now on at Buxton Opera House until January 1st 2017, it has everything to offer young and old at Christmas, not only is it performed in the most beautiful theatre it truly is a family pantomime that embraces fun, song, slapstick tradition. You will come out of the theatre smiling and happy and your children will be too.


Happy Christmas!

Christine Francis,

Explore Buxton theatre and film critic

The pantomine runs from Saturday 10th December 2016 to Sunday 1st January 2017. Please check website for perfomance times and tickets prices. Discounts are available.

For more information and bookings go to www.buxtonoperahouse.org.uk