Spotlight on Buxton Bands Series: Seashaped

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There’s more cover bands that you could shake a tambourine at doing the circuit in Buxton; everything from funk to folk and everything inbetween. There are a few bands who have embarked on their own musical odyssey.

Seashaped have been trying to break the musical mould since 2015, cranking out their own unique albums and videos. They don’t really play many gigs and exist mostly online. In fact, you are more likely to see the duo running around in outlandish costumes for their next video than carting equipment in and out of a pub.

I became aware of them when I was asked to appear as an extra in one of their productions and I was immediately fascinated. Last year I spent 12 hours plastered in zombie make-up for another cinematic endeavour. You certainly can’t accuse Seashaped of a lack of ambition! I thought it best to ask them to describe themselves:

1. What’s the line up?

Pete Gustard & Alison Riley (we both sing and both play whatever instruments we can lay our hands on!)

2. Who’s the sexiest?

The aliens. In our video for ‘Nothing Gets Simpler’ the aliens attempted to ride the smallest seesaw in Buxton in the rain
which ended up resembling a hilariously awkward psychedelic alien love scene. Probably the best outcome as they were
rubbish at seesawing.

Photo credit: Seashaped

Photo credit: Seashaped

3. When and how did the band get together?

An advert in ‘Join my Band’ when I moved to Buxton. First reply led to a slightly nerve wracking meeting in a spooky old warehouse,​ then Pete turned up and Seashaped was formed.

4. What’s your sound?

Ha, funk-folk? Is that even a thing? According to some reviews it is 🙂 we’re definitely alternative and cover plenty
of musical genres in our songwriting depending on what kind of mood we’re in 🙂

Photo credit: Seashaped

5. Smallest gig so far?

Alison’s cellar, New Year, handful of mates, plenty of beer

6. Largest gig so far?

Our video was shown on the big screen at Solarsphere Astronomy and Music Festival in Builth Wells in 2015! Not sure
if that counts really? We’ve both done the gigging merry-go-round in the past, so we’re currently focusing on writing and
releasing music!

7. Weirdest moment?

Becoming Aliens, drinking cocktails in Monk and getting beamed back aboard a space ship via a backdrop of
relationship issues and disagreements about human appeal.

Photo credit: Seashaped

Photo credit: Seashaped

8. Are you for hire?

Only if you want an original, two piece band that’s made its own genre up (and dresses up as aliens occasionally)

9. Website, CD?

2 albums. 1 EP all available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify (or your fave digital store!)
Limited number of CD’s by request.
And many videos on Seashaped Youtube channel