REVIEW: A Party to Murder | Buxton Opera House 2nd – 5th November

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Six people on Halloween play a murder mystery game at a remote island cottage, a 25 year old unsolved mystery and those six people are not all they seem.

This play will grip your attention every minute, with a superb cast who work very hard with an equally superb script. An excellent set with spooky lighting, and lots of shocks to keep you jumping out of your seat!

Agatha Christie fans will recognise a familiar well thought out plot and the play pays homage to probably our best loved mystery writer.

Secret passageways, incriminating letters, bodies, dead or alive ….. and an unexpected great twist in the tale!

Don’t miss it, now on until Saturday 5th November in our beautiful Buxton Opera House, how good does this get?

Highly recommended by our Explore Buxton film and theatre critic Christine Francis.

For bookings and information call the box office on 0845 127 2190 / 01298 72190 or go to