Gluten Free Dining in Buxton

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Gluten Free Dining in Buxton

Updated for 2017, with some new, fantastic additions. Here’s our pick of gluten free dining in Buxton – whether you prefer gluten free or need to avoid it due to dietary requirements. Buxton offers a wide choice of gluten free, from light meals and snacks to full meals and we’d love to hear from you with any feedback.

We’ve rated all of the below as ‘must-try’ gluten free dining options and have presented them in no particular order.

With a full gluten free menu to choose from, Pizza Express have been awarded accreditation from Coeliac UK.  There’s various starters such as olives, mozzarella & tomato salad, your favourite pizza’s such as the American Hot, Giardiniera and the classic Margherita and a good selection of deserts such as the chocolate-y brownie and raspberry and lemon sorbets.

Ideal for: If you love pizza! And, the children’s menu (Piccolo menu) now offers all the Piccolo pizzas as gluten free.

This beautifully decorated tea room offers a menu of locally sourced ingredients from the Peak District.  The closed sandwiches (all served with vegetable crisps and salad) such as the Honey Roast Ham & Dijon Mustard and the Smoked Salmon, can all be served gluten free on brown rolls – and the bread is fresh, tasty and bread-like – unlike some of the gluten free breads out there.  The various locally and homemade gluten free cakes vary but when we last visited the Lemon Drizzle was really good.

Ideal if: You want to experience a traditional English tea room in a beautiful quiet setting with pretty views across to the Pavilion Gardens

This intimate restaurant located just a short walk to Buxton Opera House makes this a perfect stop for pre-show dining. Equally it’s just a lovely place to enjoy dinner that’s somewhat quieter than other venues in town that feels a little tucked away which is nice. The menu is English fine dining and there’s a good selection of vegetarian options too. They are very accommodating with food intolerances and allergies, including gluten free, with all dishes freshly cooked to order – just ask.

Ideal for: A romantic night out or pre theatre dining

Im not sure you could say strictly gluten free with some dishes but they offer rice noodles with lots of dishes for example and they can cater for dietary requirements – the staff are very accommodating, just ask when ordering. It may be some of the sauces have a trace of gluten so may not be good for anyone that’s strictly avoiding it but we thought we should include it because they do their best with this one. The vege Vermicelli (rice noodles), Singapore style is delicious.

Ideal for: A take away thats quick and really tasty

We had the gluten free Afternoon Tea and it was nothing short of superb. They catered for gf no problem and there were gf cakes and sandwiches which were delicious. There standard Afternoon Tea is stonkingly good anyway so do try this place if there’s a special occasion you want to celebrate – the staff are really accommodating and if you are coeliac that’s no problem at all.

Ideal for: Special occasions or if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the town centre – the open air terrace is lovely

There aren’t any specific gf choices but they do have gf bread and will alter certain dishes where possible to exclude bread for example. Some of the homemade soups they offer are also gf and delicious and they usually have gf bread to accompany if you ask. The Halloumi panini for example can be made into a salad with balsamic vinegar and peppers, and it’s very tasty and fresh too.

Ideal for: A romantic meal or if you have your four-legged friend with you

The gf pizza options on offer are a plenty including lots of combinations but it generally isn’t included on offers which is a shame, so watch out for that. But if you really do crave for a pizza then their gf range is a good choice and the base is pretty acceptable too.

Ideal for: A night in with a movie

There arent any specific gf dishes on the menu but they chef will cater to dietry requirements if you ask and ther eare plenty of dishes that can be classes as gf without really thinking about it. The Sunday roast is superb and you can always ask them to exclude the Yorkshire Pudding and check whether the gravy is gf. The Mediterranean chicken with new potatoes and cooked cherry tomatoes was gf and lovely.

Ideal for: Families and large groups

Not a restaurant but a new craft ale bottle shop, opened in August 2016 and definitely worth a mention given its fab selection of gluten free beers. So, if you fancy a few at home – fear no more, they have a great selection of gf here and the owners are really knowledgeable too and can make recommendations to match up with food dishes. Don’t forget the artisan gins, whiskies and vodkas – they’re gf! 🙂

Ideal for: A night in with a few beers or if you’re heading to a party and want to be sure there’s beer you can drink

Part of the Pooles Cavern visitor attraction, light lunches and snacks are on offer with dishes and gluten free bread is available for soups and sandwiches.  The cafe is keen on sourcing ingredients locally too. The gluten free mushroom soup we tried when we visited was delicious and served with a warm bread roll – really hearty to set you up for a walk in the woods. The cafe’s wood/pine decor adds to its homely but outdoor feel.

Ideal for: An alternative get-away-spot from the town centre and a great stop off if you’re walking up to Solomon’s Temple | Dogs welcome

There’s an entirely alternative gluten free menu with a wide selection of dishes to choose from and so theres plenty of choice and you wont feel restricted at all. The menu includes various curries, salads and rice noodle dishes. The crispy fried tofu served with salad and sweet chilli sauce is really light and theres a rice noodle dish served with an array of seafood which is lovely.

Ideal for: Dinner out in the evening | Excellent vegetarian choices

Yes Nero is is a chain but a pretty decent one at that, with consistently good tea and coffee and tasty food to match. Their GF offering is small but the ham sandwich in the chiller is tasty and more to the point – the chocolate brownie (you can find it in the counter as you queue) is the best we’ve tasted as far as GF brownie’s go – in fact its one of the nicest brownies full stop. Nero is also really accommodating if you’re lactose intolerant – they can offer soya milk instead.

The Hydro is currently undergoing changes, with new management since December 2014. The same team run Coffee Delight who are also big on gluten free.  Here, there is a wide range of gluten free dishes from beef casserole, jacket potatoes with various fillings to cakes to sandwiches – oh and the hot chocolate drink is gluten free and absolutely lovely, unlike some GF hot chocolates you’ll find. They’ve just started serving GF beer too. The wide range of GF here is excellent.

Ideal for: Fussy eaters – they have a wide range of GF dishes and hot | Good vegetarian choices too

The gluten free bread offered here means you can have a sandwich at lunch or toast if you’re passing in the morning and need to grab breakfast. GF Homemade cakes are the norm here and we’ve tried various and they’re delicious. Most of the homemade soups are also often gluten free 0 just ask to check.  What’s great is the team here are flexible to cater to your gluten free needs.

Ideal for: If you want to take your dog with you (well behaved dogs welcome)

With an Anglo-US style menu, there are gluten free breads available for sandwiches on the menu and now they serve breakfast until 11am, they can adapt the dishes accordingly with GF bread.  The homemade houmous served with salad, olives & feta cubes with balsamic to dip your gluten free bread is a tasty snack matched with one of the many craft beers.

Ideal for: Craft beers | Family meal out with the kids (they have kids books, toys & high chairs)

The sandwiches can be adapted using gluten free bread rolls and the same goes for some of the soups of the day (depending on whats offered that day) – both the soup but also the gluten free roll its served with. We tried the Celeriac soup on a rather chilly day recently and it was a generous portion and really very tasty, the bread was good too. The salads such as the huge Greek Feta Salad is also a good option.

Ideal for: Sitting outside and people watching

The gluten free options here have grown over time and there’s now sandwiches, brownies and a good selection of muffins too. The muffins are hard to resist and considering they are gluten free, they taste really good and are ideal with a coffee.

Ideal for: Anyone with mobility issues – there are no steps, access is excellent and its inside the shopping centre