Craft beer bottle shop with over 400 speciality beers & ciders opens in Buxton

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The Beer District is the brain child of friends Matt Darken and Darren White, originally from Sheffield who both had a strong desire to provide access to niche beers and ciders that weren’t freely available in and around Buxton.

Having opened the shop at the beginning of August in the Cavendish Shopping Arcade, Darren told Explore Buxton more about the shop’s plans and ambitions:

“We’re really into good tasting, decent beers that are locally made and want to support local breweries as well as make available beers, ciders and spirits that are difficult to buy in this area. We felt there was nowhere you could go and buy these kinds of bottles in Buxton. We’re beer nerds and and we’ve got to know what’s out there and what’s good.”

Customers will be able to pick up the likes of ‘Gazillionaire’ and ‘Millionaire’ bottled beer produced by The Wild Beer Co. based in Somerset or ‘Oh Hoppy Day’ and ‘By the Rivers of Rhubarbabylon’ made by Emmanuales from Sheffield who ask “What Would Jesus Brew”!

Beer District Buxton

“We won’t stock anything unless we think it’s really good and we can take requests too. If someone wants to find a decent beer, we’ll help them! If you want this type of thing, you have to go a long way out of town to find it and it can be quite expensive. We wanted to make it easily accessible in a friendly place thats not pretentious”.

Of course, if you’re after a favourite local bottled beer, they stock a range of Thornbridge, Whaley Bridge Brewery and New Mills based Torrside Brewing amongst others.

Beer District Buxton

Beer District also sell a range of artisan, small batch spirits – namely whiskeys, gins and vodkas; Forest Gin, an award winning spirit, is distilled in small batches at the their distillery next to Macclesfield Forest. Elements of Islay is a range of single malt whiskies made as single casks or as individual batches from the island of Islay in Scotland. And there’s the impressive Ilegal Mezcal, a handcrafted brand of Mexican artisanal liquor with a notorious history that includes smuggling and weeklong parties in a clandestine bar in Guatemala.

Beer District Buxton

There’s a wide range of gluten free beers too, which, can be hard to come by, so it was good to see plenty on offer here. Fever Tree mixers are also available as well as Folkington’s soft drinks.

IMG_0530If you’re a cider fan like Matt, he recommends L’Atypique Cider, which started life in London and has grown in popularity in recent times. As well as plenty of different, speciality ciders, there’s European beers available.

Beer District Buxton

If you’re after some expert advice on matching up food with your tipple then Matt and Darren are on hand. Tasting and social events are also planned for the future too, dependent on licensing.

Gift packs are available from £16.95 as well as gift vouchers. Darren said “Gift packs can contain any choice of beers and ciders and can make an ideal present, especially if you’re stuck on what to buy someone – you can’t really go wrong with some really decent ale or cider!”

Opening times:

Monday – Thursday 10.30am – 6pm

Friday 10.30am – 7pm

Saturday 10.30am – 6pm

Sunday 11am – 4pm

For more information, visit their Facebook page:

Beer District, 4a The Colonade, Buxton, SK17 6AL | Tel: 01298. 27920.