Clubbercise Buxton with Angela

Clubbercise Buxton with Angela

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Clubbercise Buxton with Angela

Where: Buxton Community School Sports Centre, Temple Road, SK17 9BB

When: Monday 6.45pm & Wednesday 8pm (Saturdays currently postponed – more details coming soon)

Entry / Cost: The 60 minute classes are £5. You will need the Clubbercise branded multi-function and wrist-strapped glow sticks to participate in the class too. They are also £5 but are yours to keep and they have replaceable batteries too! No other glowsticks will be able to be used.

  • Fancy a work out that’s more like a night out? Join Clubbercise!
  • Easy-to-follow dance fitness routines to club anthems from 90’s to today with glow sticks & disco lights in a darkened room!
  • Not just duff duff, there’s some serious sing-along potential too!
  • Dance to your fave tracks and get fit for summer… Check our Angela’s other weekly Zumba class.

More information:

Or call 07969 324720