Buxton snow winter

Heavy snow forecast for Buxton this weekend

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Buxton’s first proper significant snowfall of Winter 2017 arrived last night, bringing us picturesque postcard scenes to wake up to today.

What’s the forecast and will it last?

Wintery and cold today with maximum temperatures of -1c, isolated snow showers will continue tonight with colder temperatures of -3c. Snow showers are expected on Saturday and more likely towards late afternoon and then possibly some snow showers into the evening with temperatures of -1/-2c. A Yellow Warning of snow and ice continues to be in place from the Met Office for Saturday.

Sunday is likely to see heavier persistent snow showers with ‘significant accumulations‘, said the Met Office. An Amber warning of snow and ice is currently in place for Sunday from 4am – 6pm.

Monday remains cold with isolated further snow showers with temperatures of -2c. Tuesday with see sunny spells and largely dry but still cold with temperatures of -2c and therefore underfoot is likely to be remain icy so extra care should be taken on roads and pavements, in particular side roads. Temperatures are expected to rise into Wednesday with 2-3c and rain forecast.

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Weather warnings explained

The warnings are colour-coded, with the colours reflecting the likely impact of the predicted weather.

A yellow warning is the lowest level, rising in severity through amber to red for the most severe weather.

You would probably see a red triangle used two or three times a year, whereas yellow triangles could appear several times in the space of a week.

Forecasters look at two things when issuing a weather warning. How severe will the weather be and how confident are they that it will happen.

Source: Met Office

For a detailed weather forecast for Buxton and the Peak District and updates (hourly and daily at times) on local road conditions, go to www.buxtonweather.co.uk